Buy and Sell Businesses

We at ‘All Business Solution’ can help you Buy, Sell and/or Franchise your business upon understanding your goals, capital strength, academic strength, talent and interests, once again to bring about a perfect long term “fit”.

Buying a Business:

  • Evaluation of the business using the following methods- asset based, income valuation, industry formula and sale of comparable businesses to determine the business worth

  • Transfer of intellectual property.

  • What you’ll buy and what the seller will keep.

  • Assure there are no liens on assets.

  • Protect yourself from competition from seller.

  • Limit your legal liability.

  • Comply with state & local laws that may affect your purchase.

  • Closing the deal.

Selling a business:

  • Preparing your business for Sale by recasting financial documents, gathering documents like deeds, leases, contracts agreements etc. Also to esthetically prepare the facility or premises to create a first hand impression.

  • Determine the value of your business that would justify to the buyer in order to minimize negotiations.

  • We will locate and pre qualify buyers for you, maintaining confidentiality by preparing a selling memorandum, giving information about the business geared towards a business buyer.

  • Convince the buyer with relevant documentation on what the business makes & its potential growth.

  • Structure the sale for maximum benefit by having them sign a letter of intent.

  • Manage the due diligence period where the buyer has the opportunity to thoroughly investigate your business, research financial statements and company contracts.

  • CClosing the sale by assisting you in getting the right lawyers to go through the process of signing contracts.