Find Capital

Our organization regularly receives the requirement for buying or buying into a business both from local and overseas investors. We usually evaluate their background, education & training and compatibility with a particular type of business before recommending the investments.

This is particularly true in the case of an immigrant investor who may have a requirement for acquiring and managing a certain type of business. In doing this, the investor has to show the relevancy with his background and probability of success not only to us but more importantly to Immigration, Canada. Therefore we take particular interest in matching the investors properly.

Once we have determined the scope and investment requirement of your business, usually we can match it with two or three different investors. The finalization of any deal with investors will solely depend on the business owner as well as the buyer. We of course will help you by providing needed information to both the parties and recommending certain parameters for the investment which are to the benefit of both parties.

In general, particularly in this case, a business must provide the rationale for the amounts to be invested together with the profitability forecast to the investor. Of course properly documented procedures and functions always get better evaluation than the ad hoc ones. We can help you creating these rationales and in explaining to the investor as to how the investment in the particular business will help their cause or immigration case as it may be.

The amount of investment available in this category is usually between CAD 200,000 to CAD 750,000 in the form of equity. Of course the bank financing and loan etc. can be arranged in addition to the equity for takeover and amalgamation.