Loan and Line of Credits

In today’s economy borrowing money from the local bank isn’t as easy as it used to be. For a small business owner the alternative to unsuccessful trips to the banks for loans could be us. After an initial feasibility & review of your business (existing or startup) we can help you secure loans, finances and line of credits enabling you to access additional funds for your business.

  • Preparation of a rock solid business plan which is needed to be eligible for any business loan
  • Receivable financing and Investment financing
  • Refinancing customer credit
  • Business visa and master card
  • Grants, loans and employee subsidies (if applicable)
  • Determining the type of loan appropriate for the business (existing or startup)
  • Allocation of Secured Loans against collateral
  • Allocation of Unsecured Loans like line of credit, bank overdrafts or other credit facilities
  • Micro financing of small loans up to $25000 CAD
  • Presenting your business in a format which is acceptable for credit facilities

The above are different options and may not be applicable to your situation. We can only decipher after a careful review of your business.