Because of the complexity of the Immigration Act, regulations and the great amount of discretion that a visa officer has, it is important to have the right guidance and advice when preparing and submitting your immigration application. 

• Our Immigration Consultants are genuine specialist in Immigration law and procedure unlike a lawyer who may have many practice areas and only spend a small proportion of their time working on immigration cases 

• We work on a fixed-fee basis and not an hourly fee which means that at least you  know in advance what the ultimate cost of the services is going to be 

• We are able to provide additional expertise that is outside the field of law as our consultants have a business/finance or management background along with the immigration field. This is especially useful for Business Class applicants (Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed persons) where it is necessary to both understand and establish that the applicant's "business experience" is qualifying experience in terms of the percentage of equity they controlled, the assets and other key financial metrics of the business they operated 

• Our competent immigration consultant’s services will give you peace of mind. He/she will carefully examine your case specific before your application is submitted. You can rest assured that there is nothing that is critical to your application that has slipped through the cracks 

• We help you not only to complete the forms correctly but also create a portfolio that would present you in the best light and that would help to convince an immigration officer that the applicants had a good chance of settling successfully in Canada 

• If you are dealing with a prospective employer who is very unfamiliar with the  immigration process, our consultants are the source of reassurance to your prospective employer 

• Our unique Client-centric process assures customized attention resulting in excellent Canadian immigration services at a reasonable cost for our clients. 

• WRSI prides itself on honesty and integrity. We will look at the merits of your case and give you a fair and honest opinion on your chances of success.  

IMMIGRATION Services      

Expert evaluation of applicant's background and qualifications to select the best available program

Accurate preparation and submission of our clients' files to the Canadian Embassy by taking all pre-emptive measures to avoid delays

Staying in constant touch and keeping abreast with the Canadian Embassy/High Commission and keeping abreast of all our clients files

Preparing clients' for interview when called. Preparations will be by means of personal or telephone counselling and/or suggested reading material

Making representations, when required, to Canadian Immigration, Department of Public Security and/or Canadian Health and Welfare concerning medical reports


If you have already applied for Canadian Immigration and have received a refusal, we suggest you contact us for a complete review of your file. We will advise you on the application and your options to reapply. If your application is still in process, we can order the CAIPS notes for your application from the CIC and advise you on the status of the application. Any shortfalls can be identified and corrected as applicable.  


Services In addition to immigration services, Worldwide Relocation Services Inc. (WRSI) provides post immigration services to both WRSI and non-WRSI clients. Please note that the settlement services are currently available in the Lower Mainland region only. 


Our address can be used on SIN and MSP applications, etc. All mail will be either be forwarded to you or collected for pick up. This service is available at no cost to the WRSI clients. 


We provide the following services with additional fees and/or disbursements: 

Account maintenance and tax returns. 
Business acquisitions · Creation of Canadian corporations 
Credit facilities and business loans 
Consultation regarding future moves, immigration of family members, etc. 
General consulting 
Business consulting